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Getting rid of Black Beard Algae or Brush Algae – Aquascapers

Getting rid of Black Beard Algae or Brush Algae Leave a comment

Black Beard Algae or brush algae is very difficult to get rid off. Even if you are on top of maintenance but still getting BBA, flourish excel can come to the rescue. To get rid of BBA:

1. Lower water to the point that BBA affected rocks, wood or plants (bucephlandra or anubias types) come out of the water.

2. Pour a capful of excel in a container and brush the BBA in affected areas. Leave it for a couple of minutes.-

3. Clean your aquarium, filter etc and fill up with water. Use a good declorinator if you are using tap water.- Using excel in this way also reduces chances of over dosing which can be toxic to fishes, shrimps or plants if used inappropriately.-

If you have other forms of algae such as green hair, use a syringe and apply in affected areas.

– Be careful specially with crypts & mosses when adding excel.Please note that flourish excel is not liquid carbon dioxide and is not a replacement of gaseous C02. It contains glutaraldehyde which is a chemical. Be extra cautious in using excel and keep it out of children.

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