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Only plant after cycling your aquarium – Aquascapers

Only plant after cycling your aquarium Leave a comment

Always cycle your aquarium first before planting !

1.Use a good starter liquid from Seachem, API or Fluval which contains live beneficial bacteria to jump start your cycling process.You can also use biological media from an established aquarium to cycle the new aquarium. Don’t get used media from others if possible. Only use media if you personally own another established tank.

2. Turn off lights during cycling. You should have the soil and the hardscape only and your filter running.

3.Biological media such as Matrix from Seachem is more porous and can contain more beneficial bacteria than normal ceramic rings or other media available in the market. Choose good biological media as it one of the most important part of the filtration.

4.Test your water parameters and check if the cycling has been complete or not. Typically your ammonia should be zero once cycling is complete. Test kits from API, Seachem and JBL gives accurate results.

5.Once cycling is done, then do your planting and get live stock. You will get lush plant growth using this technique. Remember ammonia is bad for plants as well not only fish.This way you can also prioritize your budget and buy things step by step.

Remember -patience is most important when it comes to aquascaping !

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