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Setting up a planted aquarium – Dry Start Method – Aquascapers

Setting up a planted aquarium – Dry Start Method Leave a comment

Dry start method takes patience but usually gives great results specially with a few carpeting plants. Results show in 6-8 weeks time. Expecting a lush carpet of montecarlo in this aquarium in six to eight weeks.

For this setup, I

– used old aqua soil with root tabs and made background as steep as possible to give it a sense of depth.

– did my hardscape in 30 min. Usually I take about 2 weeks to complete hardscape for any project but as I couldn’t use more variety of materials due to lock down, used odd numbers of dragon stones from my previous project instead.I used a few smaller pieces of dragon stone at the back also to give it a sense of depth.

– Used some monetrcarlo from another project for planting. Some might die as they were submersed. However, hoping some will survive and grow back. – covered the tank with plastic film. You can get it from any superstore. This will ensure moisture for the plants and keep the aquarium humid.

– am using Chihiros full spectrum led light for 10 hrs daily with a digital timer. No chance of algae as I will not be filling the aquarium with water before 8 weeks

– will be spraying water mist with a spray bottle every day. Just enough to keep montecarlo moist.

– left a gap in the plastic film to vent out any excess humidity and enable air exchange. This hopefully will also help keep out mold and fungus.

Why not start your aquarium using the Dry Start Method !

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